Mar 18

Eddy White: Under the Weather

Hey everyone returning to see me after my break, I am so so so so sorry but I won’t be back until until around 8. I woke up feeling sick today and hoped it would pass, then I hoped that the 30 minutes would help me feel a little better but I need more rest. I really need a nap and I really hope you all understand. I love you all and I will miss you!Aubrey, come and nap with me please

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Mar 16

Martinn Rosh: Sex Anal

There are different types of sex – it is important to establish good communication and have consent regardless of the type of sex you practice Anal sex refers to the introduction of the penis in the anus (back) of a person. Some people enjoy anal sex, and others enjoy nothing. Either one is acceptable. If you do not like it and do not want to try it, it’s NOT OK to be pressured to do so. Sex should make you feel good and be comfortable for both.Anal sex can be painful if you are not relaxed and do not use a lubricant. The anus does not produce its own lubrication like the vagina does, so the lubricant helps the penis (or sex toy) penetrate the anus more easily Listen to your body, if anal sex (or any type of sex) hurts you, stop. Sex that is painful or uncomfortable should not continue and your partner should respect that

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Mar 05

Brent Slade: Marcelo His Friend and Me.

Marcelo is a taxi driver who was the first man with whom sex Tube. I deflowed with his huge cock and for a long time we had meetings that filled me with pleasure. Needless to say that the first time I destroyed my ass why I was the only one with whom I got the urge. He managed to make me enjoy every encounter we had that I felt like a whore in bed. He put me in all the imaginable poses and even convinced me to finish in my mouth something that pleased me a lot. He went crazy with pleasure for how I gave myself to his carnal instincts without qualms.One day while still in bed recovering from a culiado marathon that he had given me, he proposed to invite a friend of his to take me between the two. You are very good in bed you are insatiable and you like to be done everything, he told me. Apart my friend is alone and as he does not put it he is almost never desperate to get his milk out. I think we’re going to have fun all three, especially you’re going to enjoy two cocks together for the first time.I told him that I liked the idea but only because you propose it to me. The truth is that this new experience excites me about how to only imagine being penetrated by two cocks. In short I gave him the ok to make the meeting that was going to be at Marcelo’s house.Arrived the day and the appointed time, we were the three and after the presentation of rigor we went to the dormitory without loss of time. It was not necessary so much protocol. The three of us knew what we were doing.Ariel, Marcelo’s friend was a mature man but his years did not weigh him down. When Marcelo proposed to me to integrate his friend in bed, he warned me that he had a virtue but that he would not let me know so that I could prove it myself. At that moment I imagined that I would have a very big cock, but since I was already used to my friend’s huge member, I did not give it much be continue

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Feb 27

Edmund G Flannoy: My Great Fantasy

Today I will tell you my biggest love that I have and I want to meet is about traveling in a private plane with my partner then fuck during the flight to do it in the bathroom, in the hundred on the plane, to reach a beach to hear how the ocean runs, look and walk in the sand holding my partner’s hand, then at nightfall we lay down in the sand, the brief moment would begin to kiss my partner, pass my hand all over his body, to end up fucking in all the position they exist, until we fall asleep and wake up watching the sunrise together side by side would be romantic and exciting at the same time, like wanting to reach a level of unimaginable pleasure to make us want to repeat it another day.

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Feb 22

Mike Carterr: We Know Each Other?

Hello everyone, I have started with my blog to share more closely with you.I hope that my FANCLUB grows, I wait for you to chat and give you a lot of love.You will have many beautiful photos, but also personal photos of my day to day.I want to upload some videos, answer questions, know their opinions … I want us to know each other better.I hope you like it! :)MIKE

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