Jun 14

Tommie Colt: Party in Private Place

everything started very quiet when my friends, decided to invite me to a farm in a town near my city, with an excellent view of the peñol stone (one of the wonders of Colombia), the party was only planned for 2 days, so accept, when we arrived at about 11:00 p.m. Colombia, there were only about 20 people more or less, a little quiet drinking liquor, and listening to electronic music, with an excellent dj, which had the atmosphere very comfortable and pleasant, we began to drinking and talking among friends, (everyone on the farm were homosexuals), the vast majority passive, something that caught my attention … came at 2:00 am many people, we did not know, and everything improved, people began to kiss with strangers, to touch, and the atmosphere became very hot, I met 2 ladies and 1 guy, the 2 ladies were a couple, and they looked very sexy, the guy also called my attention so we started all the night to talk, there was a lot of chemistry, too much laughter and a moment to another the 2 ladies told me, let’s make a quartet, and we all passed well rich, with a very clear view of my city and look at the guy, and with his head a little shy he said he accepted and we played with them in a of the rooms of the farm, so accept and believe what happened?

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Jun 14

Lhars Morrys: Toys and Experiences

There are almost as many people as there are erotic products in this world, and it is easy not to know what most of them are for, so here we can find together the opportunity to know the toys and how to take advantage of them. Vibrators, masturbators, erotic cosmetics, lingerie, Chinese balls and even ducks that vibrate … erotic products without end, that in one way or another sound but the question is, do we know how to use them? What I would like to do is something close to all of you, regardless of your sex, age or sexual condition, enjoy it as much as I do.Reaching to awaken some feeling in each one of you is my final purpose. It will be really satisfying to see how they enjoy what they read and what they see in me and that they are encouraged to share their experiences with me. I am willing to serve you, to contact me and make this an erotic moment together, since we are all sex.

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Jun 13

Jac Erotic: The Delivery Man

I was alone in my apartment, I was very hungry and at the same time I was a bit hot, I was too lazy to cook so I ordered a pizza. The delivery man was a very attractive man with a sexy uniform, it was impossible to avoid an erection when he saw him, he looked at me without dissimulation and very daringly I asked him “Do you want to see what’s underneath?” Without thinking, the delivery man said yes and entered. to me apt, he began to masturbate and he confessed that one of his fantasies was to fuck a guy with a big cock like me, I told him that he would fulfill it. He lay down on the couch and I did not hesitate to remove the sexy uniform and sit on his cock, which was very large, moved my ass on his cock while he masturbated and moaned, we ran at once and told me to leave , he dressed, he told me that my ass and big cock had enchanted him. I paid for the pizza and he left. It is already a custom for me to order pizza and end up in a rich fuck with the sexy delivery man.

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